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i feel a need to document

for i fear that my memory will fail me if i linger

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Name:Daniel Barker
Location:not prussia :(


Daniel, also Dan, also "god damnit Daniel" from the game Amnesia: the Dark Descent.

Daniel is an archaeologist who cleverly dug up an ancient magical relic. Now his life is slowly turning into a HP Lovecraft story, with a dreadful howling Shadow killing people left and right, hallucinations and nightmares everywhere, and a mysterious note bidding him come to Prussia for protection. And so to Prussia he's going -- hell, it can't make things any worse, can it?

In [community profile] entranceway, that's his canon point. In memes he may or may not also be a horrible murderer and/or super amnesiac. Yeah, it made things worse.

Character info & permissions: calling all psychics!
How's my driving? obviously perfect
Mirror journal: [personal profile] capsomebitches
Mun contact: details here

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